Saturday, August 6, 2011


I just got back from camp and am doing some last minute packing. I am planning on writing a sort of conclusion to my time in Japan blog. I will probably end up doing it while I what for my flight from Haneda. I'll miss it here!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sleep Deprived

I have a great blog coming up but since I haven't slept "properly" for three nights. It's better that I wait until I am well rested! Until then...

Friday, July 22, 2011

Wine and Love

I know, I know. I haven't been doing this posting everyday thing. I'm preparing to move three years of my life from Japan back to the states. What can I say? I'm busy!

Anyway, I was inspired by my friend Bailey to write a Wine and Love post (yes, I started to write Wine and Cheese first). So, here it goes!

Wine #1: Packing sucks! Initially we had decided that we were only going to send home THREE boxes. Only three! If we had more stuff than three boxes, we'd leave it. Well, let's just say that we are up to about SIX boxes, plus a few small ones specifically for customs and what not. I'm an official pack rat! I should watch an episode of Hoarders. That always, seems to get me to purge my stuff!

Wine #2: I miss my husband terribly! We've only been married two years, with our anniversary being July 31, which we will not be able to spend together. But, we've been "together" for about five years and the longest we've been apart is three days. Three days! Now, I have to spend three weeks without him. To be a honest, a Partial Love #1 would have to be that I do get some "me time" but I don't need so much. Plus, he gets to be state side and I'm still in Japan having to do all the packing.

Love #2: I get to spend a few more days with the friends that I've made here. In fact, my closest friend is coming to stay with me tonight! Yay!

Love #3: The weather has been amazing lately! In America, there is a terrible heatwave happening, especially in Kansas (where I'll be moving). Here, in Hokkaido, we've been averaging 70°. I've even been wearing sweatshirts at night. Crazy!

Wine #3 & Love #4: Saying goodbye! On the plus side, I get to attend tons of going away parties, but I have to tell people (that I'll probably never see again) goodbye. Plus, I have to give a few speeches in Japanese which is obviously on the wine side.

Well, that was fun! I'll have to do that again soon!